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Bamboow is a Montreal based company that delivers garments made of excellent quality. We take our time designing them to make sure they fit and feel great. All sewn garments are made in Montreal to oversee production and deliver the best!

As the name might have given it away, we use fabrics that are primarily based of bamboo fibers and mixed with different contents to follow each styles function. We believe that these fabrics have absolutely amazing characteristics such as; breathability, durability and comfort deriving from its super soft feel.

All our designs feature a specific fabric for a specific function. We us a mix of Jersey/Spandex for activewear, casual and our soon to come underwear collections. The rib is mainly for a more stylish and a hugging fabric to highlight whats already beautiful. Our French Terry is meant for pieces that can be worn for every day use, a thicker feel than the rest of them to keep chills away on colder nights and will be also incorporated in our activewear collections. The fleece in other words is the definition of fluffy, but being soft is not its only quality, this fabric is also meant to keep warm.

Form following function is our way to design our collections, but function can also be stylish. Design goes further than simply drawing a piece. Taste, functionality and quality construction is key to a garment that's complete. Bamboow apparel is made for the people that love a quality feel and fit. Those that appreciate the little details, from stitching to the fabric.

A company that is proudly Canadian and supports local businesses. Promoting businesses at home is not only encouraging our economy but insures speed & reliability of our products and services