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Bamboow is a Montreal based company that delivers garments made of excellent quality. We take our time designing them to make sure they fit and feel great

We use fabrics of the highest quality that are made of rayon from bamboo and mixed with different contents to follow each styles function. We believe that these fabrics have absolutely amazing characteristics such as; breathability, durability and comfort deriving from its super soft feel

Our available fabrics now are Jersey, Rib, French Terry and Fleece. We are working hard to be able to provide more choices of fabrics for our customers, but for now we are more than happy to start off with these 4. As mentioned earlier, each style uses a specific fabric. Jersey is mixed with spandex to deliver durability and stretch for our activewear collection and future collections to come. Rib fabric is used for a more hugging garment which will outline the curves and compliment what's already beautiful. French Terry is a solid fabric that delivers comfort as it's used for multiple garments in our collections including activewear and also chic designs yet to come. As for Fleece, the word fluffy is really the right terminology to describe this extremely soft and comfortable fabric. Our future designs are almost complete and will be launched in the coming months to deliver the variety and quality pieces we intend to provide our customers

Form following function is our way to design our collections, but function can also be stylish. Design goes further than simply drawing a piece. Taste, functionality and quality construction is key to a garment that's complete

Bamboow garments are all made in Canada. We design, cut, trim and sew all our garments here. We also test our product to insure quality

A company that is proudly Canadian and supports local businesses. Promoting businesses at home insures speed & reliability of our products and excellent service